The Link Between Depression and Cosmetics

At first glance, these two may seem like strange bedfellows. Is a link between two seemingly disparate and unrelated things like cosmetics and depression imaginary and outlandish? On the surface, it does appear so, but scratch a little, and you will be surprised at how apparently completely unconnected points can be joined to make a line.Why do women wear cosmetics? This question is as naïve as asking why children play. There should be not more than a microscopic ratio of women on this entire planet who say they do not care whether they look good or not. Man being an incurable, perpetual voyeur and admirer of beauty; nothing gives women more joy than appearing attractive to men.Cosmetic procedures are not the answer
What happens when this very quality turns against them? What happens when milk turns into poison or when the fence eats the crop? This is exactly the problem with many cosmetics, especially so when it relates to cosmetic procedures. Psychologists draw a link between depression and cosmetics in a number of ways.It is known that just like many people shop to fight depressive moods; many women dress up and wear cosmetics purely to hide their insecurities. In cultures that attach extreme importance to physical looks and beauty; women assume that they are worthless when they don’t appear attractive.Looking good=feeling good for many
We all know that beauty is supremely subjective, but the desire to look good isn’t. Women who think that looking good is a means to attracting men (many men too fuel this belief because they feel powerful when they are seen with good looking women) resort to a myriad of ways by which to look good. For countless women, looking good is the only means to appealing to the man they want.When things go wrong…
Many women, especially those who are overtly obsessed with physical appearance, try to improve their looks through means such as surgery. Many a time; these surgical procedures serve their limited purpose. But on a few occasions; they turn against the person too. When surgical procedures go awry; the results can turn out to be disastrous.This is where depression can set in. When what they perceive as the only means to achieving their goal goes haywire; the only hope is dashed. Many such women have been driven to the depths of depression and unreasonable self-pity. Several have even committed suicides because of this self-obsession.Woman is much more than an object of beautyIt is only when people realize that beauty is after all skin deep that such extreme cases can be prevented. Beauty is purely personal and in the eye of the beholder, and a woman can prove her worth in a number of ways other than looking superficially good. Beauty comes from within, it is said. The sooner men and women realize that women can be loved despite their flawed eyebrow or less than perfect nose; the better it will be for such people.