Unique Home Decor Gifts Ideas

When someone in your family or a friend is setting up their first home or getting married you might like to consider home decor gifts. The range of contemporary or traditional accessories for the home that are available is enormous, and you are sure to be able to find something that will make the perfect gift, whatever your budget.Once you have thought about how much you want to spend, the first thing you need to discover is whether your friends new home is modern or an older building as you want to buy a gift to suit their homes style. An antique vase could look out of place in an ultra-modern apartment. If you know them well you will probably have an idea of the kind of home decor they like or if there is a wedding coming up they may well have registered their gift list at a store.Tableware is an ever popular gift idea. Find out whether the couple are collecting any particular dinnerware or flatware sets. There are some fabulous designs of table linen on the market with matching napkins, or what about a set of stunning sterling silver napkin rings? For the modern kitchen stainless steel small appliances are very popular and a modern wall mounted wine rack adds a funky touch, include a selection of wines as well if you are feeling generous.Of course you don’t have to restrict yourself to buying home decor gifts for the kitchen. When someone is setting up home for the first time there is a host of things they will need for every room. For the bedroom you could buy a beautiful Venetian style wall mirror, a framed print or practical bedding set, just make sure you check whether they have a king or queen size bed before you make your purchase.Items for the bathroom are often forgotten when thinking about home decor gifts. A set of extravagant fluffy pure white towels will always be appreciated. Environmentally friendly bath towels made from sustainable bamboo would be a gift that shows you care for the planet as well as the gift recipient.For the living room how about an eye-catching and unusual wall clock? Solar clocks look high-tech, and so they are, plus there are no batteries to replace or wiring to worry about. Or perhaps a large framed poster or print to hang above the mantel. Although if you want to find something really unusual that cannot be found in the local stores, you should take a look at your local auctions and art galleries. At antique and estate auctions you can find an amazing variety of items for the home from genuine antique pieces to up-to-date items at prices far lower than you would expect to pay in a store. Some auctions specialize in contemporary and modern design, others in retro, vintage or antiques and some cover the whole range.